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ORI Job Announcement: GS-14 Health Scientist (Education)

ORI is seeking qualified applicants to fill positions in the Division of Education and Integrity to help develop and manage programs to promote research integrity. Application deadline is April 6, 2015.

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ORI is seeking to fund projects that foster innovative approaches to empirical research on societal, organizational, group, and individual factors that affect, both positively and negatively, integrity in research. The research will be reviewed and funded in a two-phase process. For this first phase, ORI is seeking small-scale, developmental research projects. ORI anticipates that Phase I awards will have a ceiling of up to $75,000 for a period of 12 months 

Funding Opportunity: Conference Grants on Research Integrity

The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) seeks to support conferences to develop multi-disciplinary networks to build upon existing evidence-based research and stimulate innovative approaches to preventing research misconduct and promoting research integrity. ORI is especially interested in supporting conferences that lead to extramural grant applications on research on research integrity and peer-reviewed publications.

New Research Misconduct Finding: Dong Xiao

Dong Xiao, Ph.D. admitted that he had “intentionally fabricated data contained in a paper entitled ‘Guggulsterone inhibits prostate cancer growth via inactivation of Akt regulated by ATP citrate signaling."

New Research Misconduct Finding: Bin Kang

ORI found that Dr. Bin Kang engaged in research misconduct by falsifying data that were included in the following two publications and two grant applications.

New Research Misconduct Finding: Rosie H. Xing

ORI found that Dr. H. Rosie Xing engaged in research misconduct by falsifying images in research supported by National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

New Research Misconduct Finding: James Warne

ORI found that James Warne engaged in research misconduct by falsifying data that were included in the following two publications and two grant applications.

Doctoral Forum Available at the 4th WCRI

The organizing committee of the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity is pleased to announce that a Doctoral Forum will be held for the first time! The Forum will provide a unique opportunity for PhD students studying research integrity and/or the responsible conduct of research to get advice and comments from an international panel of specialists. The Doctoral Forum will provide an exciting, friendly and supportive environment for PhD students to share ideas and interact with participants! 

New Research Misconduct Finding: Igor Dzhura

ORI found that Dr. Igor Dzhura engaged in research misconduct by falsifying and fabricating data in research supported by U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) funds.

New Research Misconduct Finding: Bijan Ahvazi

ORI found that Dr. Bijan Ahvazi engaged in research misconduct by falsifying data in the three published papers.

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