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New Video Case Studies

Watch new video series that explores research integrity issues.

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ORI Releases New Infographics

ORI has released a series of infographics on research integrity and handling research misconduct.

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The Lab: Now Available in Japanese
The Lab: Now Available in Japanese

In "The Lab" you become the lead characters in an interactive movie and make decisions about integrity in research that can have long-term consequences.


5th World Conference on Research Integrity

Join international leaders in exploring the challenges of promoting transparency and accountability in research.

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New Video Case Studies
ORI Releases New Infographics
The Lab: Now Available in Japanese
5th World Conference on Research Integrity

ORI Updates

Dec 09

The Division of Education and Integrity released new video case studies on research misconduct. The videos can be streamed and a high-definition versions are available for download.

Nov 15

The ORI Division of Education and Integrity (DEI) has released 12 new infographics on topics related to the responsible conduct of research (RCR) and the handling of research misconduct.

Nov 10

The Basic Research Concepts learning module is designed to train research support staff who have little formal training in research.  This module is one of the most highly used educational tool on the ORI website.   The module was recently updated.

Nov 07

ORI has released a revised edition of its popular learning module, "Avoiding Plagiarism, Self-plagiarism, and Other Questionable Writing Practices: A Guide to Ethical Writing."  The new edition includes revision throughout and adds cultural linguistic issues.

Oct 19

ORI's Extramural Program awarded five research grants and five conference grants in FY2016. The research grants included three new Phase I awards and two Phase II awards.